Dammit, Anthony!

by adminOfBlog

As I lay in my hotel room and talk to my bf, Anthony, he tells me that he’s out shopping. I figure he’s out buy a new douche, some Oreos, protein powder….or something “normal.” But no no. He tells me he’s getting clothes so, naturally, I request pictures of said clothes. Well, here’s what I start to get….pictures of him in a singlet. You guys only get one though…

But they don’t stop there….

And of course, getting these pictures and then hearing his story of how he masturbated in that dressing room, I got horny(er). I’m used to him being here with me during shoot week so I can destroy his ass when we get back to the hotel. Even though he’s not, my dick still wants to enter him. So right below are the effects of his picture sending….

I don’t usually masturbate when I’m here shooting, as I like having the biggest loads possible for my shoots. But since I’ve been shooting over my scene partners’ heads this week and since we all know TV wasn’t an option, I masturbated. Damn you, Anthony!

So I started…

And then I finished.

And it was FUCKING AMAZING. I only have a solo tomorrow and chances are I’ll be cumming in my own mouth anyway so I think I’ll be fine. Talk to you guys later! And by later, I mean Twitter. Bye.

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