You might want to sit down.

by adminOfBlog

Imagine this: penetration you can actually see/feel/hear/taste(uh?), everyone sucking cock, KISSING and 3 loads shot out within 10 seconds of each other(all over me)…..ALL IN ONE SCENE!! It sounds pretty fucking gay and pretty fucking amazing. Well, that’s exactly what this scene is. Did I mention I’m the house bottom in this scene?

The scene started out with some mindless chit chat. You know the kind you have when you all know you want to be inside each other, but nobody wants to seem like the slut that initiates it? Yeah, that kind. I cut that short real quick though because, let’s face it, you guys are here to watch porn, not an episode of The View.

After shooting the stills(which we do before the scene), we knew it was going to be easy, so why there was any talking at all is a mystery to me. –The kissing was good. “Straight” or not, pretty sure we all enjoyed sucking each others dicks. And though I was a bit skeptical about bottoming for two guys in one scene, once we got started, that feeling quickly dissipated…and was replaced by another internal greatness(that’s a sexual innuendo for penises being inside me). When you have good performers that actually enjoy what they’re doing-or at least do a damn good job at pretending- it definitely shows. So your next step after looking through some of the screen caps I took down below is to WATCH IT!

Here are a few screen shots from the actual scene. Yes, they both fucked me, I just got tired of taking screen shots. ENJOY 🙂

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