Since I survived Grabbys weekend in Chicago, Gay Days is still on! So come see Anthony, Samuel and myself at Parliament House Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Banana War

You may have seen Anthony’s first banana video. You may have seen my response to that video. You might have even seen Anthony’s response to my response video. It’s clear who won THAT war(me). But since we’re tired of shoving bananas down our throats, and because we have each others cocks to shove down them, we’re getting you […]

Eating healthy/practicing deep throating

Eating healthy while keeping my deep throating skills at their best. Talk about multi-tasking. Also, this video is dedicated to Anthony and his “This is not how you eat a banana” post. Well, this IS how you eat a banana/deep throat a massive, banana shaped cock.

Hungry, hungry hippo.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I want to fuck Austin Wilde, but I’m not sure how.”  Well, this is how. Put me down on the bed just Anthony did here, eat my ass for about 15-20 minutes….and then fuck my brains out. Just like he did about 10 minutes after this video cuts off. […]


IT’S BACK. It’s a sale that’s only held for about 80% of the year. Yep, that’s right, folks! My Fleshjack products are 15% off! But only for a limited time. Throw in free shipping(because there’s free shipping), and you have yourself a party! Just look at that picture below to see how amazing it feels, […]

Workin on our fitness

People always ask “what do you do for your abs?”  My usual response is “They’re natural.”  And since we all know that’s bullshit, here’s a little clip of one of my favorite ab workouts: Leg lifts. In the beginning, I was doing a chin up/leg lift combo, but ended with just the leg lifts. It […]


That moment you find a video that your boyfriend recorded on your flip cam 3 months ago on your birthday that somehow made it to your computer. Since I uploaded it straight to WordPress, it ended up in the form of that little link below. But don’t worry, it just opens in a little cute video screen. […]